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The role of Colour in UX

Role of colour in UX
Understanding color psychology is a key aspect of creating a color palette that works well in digital design.

How Brain Color Affects Blog Design

Brain Colour
The mystical practice of color tells us that color has a substance. In other words, different colors express feelings and thoughts when people see them. 

Learn How To Master Typography

Typography Designs
In the world of typography and design, there are innumerable terms that are necessary for beginner designers to know. A few of these terms are widely confused and misused.

Confirmation: the key to success

Key to success
Persistence is one of the most important characteristics a person has. Having it and keeping it will help you achieve many of the goals you set for yourself in life. It is the attitude of the people that will help you to succeed.

45 sad sentences that help you meditate on life

Sad Quotes
Sorrow is a feeling that is present in every person's life and should not be avoided or ignored. It enables us to recognize that something inside us is worth living and that we need to find the answer to our spiritual need. Sentitive phrases can help you with this.