We’ve rounded up all of the best educational resources for kids to keep learning, even though they think they’re getting a treat of playing on the computer! You name it, we’ve got it covered. Math, reading, science, movement, and more!

But before we go ahead with all the fantastic resources for your kid(s), it is important we consider device usage and it’s impact on children. Did you know using devices with screens for longer than even just two hours can cause discomfort or pain known as digital eye strain!

Prolonged screen use has become more prominent post COVID-19. It is important we are aware of the impact of digital eye strain and following on the impact of screen time on our eyes. Let’s all get educated on this whether we are students, parents, teachers, or the general public.

If you are looking to teach your kids about money then look no further than Annuity – a free financial web resource accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

When students learn financial literacy at an early age, it helps them to make astute decisions about their personal finances, as smart financial behaviour leads to financially secure lives. See this fantastic informative guide dedicated to children learning financial literacy.

Have you thought about a college fund for your child/children? All parents worry about how to prepare for college funds. After all it is a key decision to weigh up when preparing for your child/children’s financial future.

Worry not, see this fantastic, straight forward and informative guide from Education Loan Finance (ELFI) an organization designed to assist borrowers with student loan refinancing as well as undergraduate, graduate, and parent private student loans.

All your questions will be answered such as when to start saving for college, best way to start a college fund and more!

You probably already use some of these resources for kids, but now you have plenty more to choose from! Did we deliver or did we deliver? 😉




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