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How Brain Color Affects Blog Design

The mystical practice of color tells us that color has a substance. In other words, different colors express feelings and thoughts when people see them. Did you know that souls can develop in ways that others think are your own? It is true! Before choosing a color for your blog, read through the accepted color scheme below. The last thing you want to do are those who are unexpected because of the different features and colors of your blog. Keep in mind, colors can mean different things in different parts of the world.


The color is purple and white

Blue is a common color in blog and web design. Many of the web types above use blue as their color palette. For example, logos on websites or Twitter , Facebook , and LinkedIn are all blue. That is because blue is a beautiful goat for both men and women. Of course, the wide audience liked the blue. In visual terms, blue is said to promote calmness, security, trust and confidence.


How long Red is angry. Red scientists believe that red causes physical reactions when people see it, not just mental feedback. For example, tests achieve high heart rate when used for color. If you want to find someone and get a reaction, then red blood cells are a great option. It is considered a strong and powerful color.


When people see greenery, they often think of grass and nature. It is considered a modern color. However, great darkness is associated with money.


When you want a color to tell you something nice and warm, yellow is the perfect choice. It has been found that the study will be the first color people see. Yellow is the perfect option to draw attention to important parts of your blog or website.


Oranges are not as popular as some of the other colors on this list, but have been found to stimulate excitement and represent entertainment. If yours is a fun and interesting blog, consider using orange!


Brown is constantly connected to the world and can promote a sense of longevity. However, it may also be viewed as dirty. You need to carefully use sandpaper on your blog or web design. However, many species have made great strides in displaying them in brown. For example, UPS has a brownish tinge to the crews but it works well for the brand. Do not be afraid to use colors that are unattractive. You may have the opportunity to do it yourself.


Pink is considered a feminine color and a pink color that is recognized as fun, youthful and funny. Victoria’s Secret builds on the perfect painting around Pink. If yours is a women’s blog, then pink may be the perfect choice.


It has been found that it is people who are not interested in yellow among men, but the brains of people who say yellow can mean different things. For example, yellow is often considered a color, but can be understood as a beautiful color. For some, it has to do with royalty or spirituality.


There is a reason why white matter should be cleaned or put in white materials. Psychologists say that cleanliness is a symbol of purity and purity. White attracts people’s attention and works well as a background color and black text on blog and web design.


If you want a color that defines strength, height, sophistication, luxury, and mouth, baby is the perfect choice depending on the nervous system.