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Pastel Colours

50 Palettes and ideas to combine them

Pastel colours are very popular. With their graphic design new work is no longer used for work involving children or women, it has become a real beauty treat! 

If you want to start mixing these tones well in your design Don’t forget this post in which I tell you what pastel colours are and I share with you 50 palettes and ideas to combine them.

What is pastel color?

Technically we can define pastel shades as colours are built with high lightness and low saturation or average But why do they owe the name? 

The origin and existence of the world of painting must be explored. 

In the Renaissance, “pastels” began to be used, pencils similar to crayons made from powdered pigments and a glue (resin, rubber or clay). In the XNUMX century they became very popular with artists like Edgar Degas or Jean Monet using it again in the XIX century.

Edgar Degas painting

Today, however, we use the term “pastel” to refer to colours that reflect the feeling of softness

Colour serves to communicate that, traditionally, these sounds are associated with childhood and femininity , because they express a sense of calm and pleasure. Of course, brands like Evax & Tampax have done this in their videos and its support is mostly for women. 

Instagram feeds on pastel colors


However, public discourse and advertising and graphic design are constantly changing. On social networks, such as Instagram, artists and artists have chosen these colours to reflect their creativity , removing pastel shades in many cases from what was previously offered to them. 

Over the past year, these shades have also become popular in the fashion world and we have seen how the windows are filled with pastel fabrics to accommodate water Want to learn how to mix these colours to make your own use?

How to combine colours

Create a monochrome combination and play the power of colour

Monochrome photo

A good option for combining pastel colour without risk is to create a monochrome pill from a single pastel colour. 

Playing with colour palettes, you will be able to introduce contrasts and combinations that will get a beautiful look. Can can use tools, such as Adobe Color , to create this type of palette.

Bet on maximum colour

Should not leave different colours, if you want to use different pastel colours, you can do it! Simply, bet on one of them to be a normal string and use it as a head colour to provide logic and consolidation in the design. If you do, fixing pastel shades will not be your problem.

Use the winning combination

Lilac and pink combination

There are some blends that suit our tastes. Use them! 

For example, blue pastel and orange pastel , being chromatic contrasts, they are perfectly matched. It’s also a good idea to combine blue with liquid and yellow tones. If you add colour nudes to the palette, you will be transported in the summer.

El Pastel green can be combined with its chromatic not, and pink . If you want to complement the colour palette, you can use different shades of green and pink.

Flour, khaki or beige are also good friends in pastel green. Pink pastel, matched well with lilac , analog in colour palette . In fact, it is one of the most versatile, since it can be combined with almost any soft sound.

Introduce neutral sound

Can combine pastel colours with neutral tones , such as grey or white. It’s a kind of system configuration . If your goal is to make the “pastel aesthetic” the ultimate, make neutral colours a complement to the pastel colour of the main colour palette.

Learn something in cinema

Aesthetics and pastel shades Florida Theater

In the world of cinema, colour is one of the most delicate and beautiful places. Of course, there are movies that, more than their content, stand out and become popular because of their appreciation and use of colour. 

Let’s take a look at your colour palette you can start a movie from the movies,  customize it based on the sound that grows in them and pay special attention to how to apply them. For example, in a movie like “Florida Work” or “Skins” it is obviously a kind of aesthetics.

Search for inspiration in nature in photography

Creation is indescribable by spirit and thought. River, sunset, rainbow colours, there are many settings including pastel shades and they are ready for your use! Go to photos of nature around the city, use eyedropper to identify colours and create a personal and unique palette.

50 pastel palettes

Then we leave you with a selection of palettes that will inspire you to use your plan. Not all of their colours are pastel tones, but sometimes it is interesting to introduce other clear colours or some dark ones and add contrast. 

It all depends on what you want to create and your design, if you want to create a flat, monochrome, or small variations or composition, choose palettes with soft tones or gradients of the same colour.

But you can introduce colours that break the soft aesthetic of pastel shades It’s something to try!

To use the same colors we want, write the color on the right side of the image. Try playing with paddles! Combine them, create new connections and customize them.

Old color dress with gray, pink and turquoiseClassic pastel blue, pink and purple paletteHoliday pastelNature pastel color palettePastel lilac and pink palettesOld color palettes in nude colorNeutral pastel color palettesA layer of green pastelYellow and light blue pastel palettePastel Lilac, Water & Baby Pink PalettePastel orange, green, pink and turquoise paletteGreen gradient pastel color paletteChalk pastel palettepastel rainbow color palettePastel color palette in shade of pink and tilered pilePastel pink and blue gradients paletteYellow color and tonePastel yellow, pink, green and blue palettePastel green, lilac and purpleYellow and dark colorsPink pink pinkPallet pastel colors in analogous shades of pinkThe bread is pastel colors and dark colorsGradient color palette with pastel tonespastel color palettes shades of green and pinkThe old-fashioned colorway inspired by the 60sPaleel color palette of green, blue and grayPaleel color palette brokenPaleel color palette with green tonesBeautiful black western pastel shades of redPalette in lilac in light blue colorPalel pastel with a soft tonePalette in bright pastel colorsOld-fashioned house of purple and orangepastel color palettes shades of pink and greenpastel color palettePastel colored bread paired with yellow mustardPastel Colours Creative https://evvyword.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Pastel-Colours.jpg pastel colourspastel paletteOld pink and green colorwaysDifferent palette differs between pastel colors and tonesPastel yellow and aquamarine palettesPastel yellow, lilac, tangerine and green palettesWayo green pastel palettePastel green, pink and grayModern paletletPastel palettes in pink, blue and ecru tonesBubblegum pink pastel paletteYellow in shades of pink and yellow