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Psychology of colour and its application in paintings and media

Pyschology of colour
Pyschology of colour

Everything around us is full of colours, they follow us, or unknowingly affect us , for example, in our state of mind or through that what is known as applied colour psychology , specifically in advertising media and audiovisual services where it is very useful.

What is the psychology of colour?

It is a science that allows for the analysis of emotions, such as feelings, colors, behaviors and attitudes of people, as well as the emotions that stem from these ideas.

With this in mind, advertisers and artists use any color palette to achieve their goal of product placement in the desired areas and to ensure market share.

This is a single color that has a specific use in the media department , so that when designing, the color appears to be applied to the letter and the entire packaging (box, envelope, bag, etc.).

Color and their use in advertising


The public associates this colour with agility, speed and that is why we see it so often in the media of fast-paced companies, whose many audiences are young and young, in addition to being in stock for sale or low prices where complete information is on sale quickly .

The psychology of colour is intellectual and creative as well as anger and envy, so using it would be the right thing to do to avoid negative feelings.


If this product is used in small quantities, blue and bright tones are used, if they are thoughtful and sensible, dark and bright yellow is appropriate.

Colour is associated with deep , distant emotions and sends a calm and serene feel, although overused, its effects can be depressing.


It is used to advertise products that bring benefits to everyone’s life , well-being and comfort, such as appliances, dairy products, low-fat, baby products, for household cleaning, etc. The goal is to deliver flawless, perfect calm, clean, everything and depending on how you use it can give a feeling of hunger.

head colour

In advertising it uses any product you want to show as luxury , of elegance, beauty, sophistication and uses a variety of metallic accents of this colour to shine. The colour studied by the combination of black and white represents a mixture of contradictory feelings and actions, for example, calm and sadness.

Dog colour

It is a good colour for the products of their target customers who are older, it suggests good quality and mid price. It is associated with peace, with autumn as well as with the Passover.


very significant colour is known in youth , it is used to promote products and sales and certain promotions. It is associated with warmth, as well as joy, enthusiasm to be used.


Its use must be carefully considered and not too limited, or too perfect to reflect the style, elegance and gentleness If the item is a luxury, this is the colour displayed.

Silver and gold

They are also used for luxury products, perfumes, clothing and more, checking their price and status. These shades are highly economical and that is why their use is so promising.


Color and design

Its audience is well-chosen and in search of something about the name and reputation, usually adults, but it is also used in some products for children and young people. Colour affects perfection , and spirituality.


It is used in any product where you want to attract attention, and in input, liquid, marketing, etc. great colour and strength and energy It is recommended not to use too much.


It is the right colour for advertising products related to nature , and freshness like vegetables. Colour is associated with nature, with hope and serenity.

For those of us who advertise on a small scale, it is fun to understand this by the colour of psychology and how it is used.