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Patience Lessons

We live in a big city where everything has to be big right away. We do not know how to think but when to do it, it is stressful. Patience seems to be evident by its absence in this society without brakes, without control and constantly watching the clock.

Patience is often quiet and subtle, not seen in public. For example, when a father tells his third son that he does not want to sleep, when an athlete is injured and waits for three months to recover… Patience, on the other hand and attracts everyone’s attention; the driver blowing his horn impatiently as he passed a traffic light that turned green, customers lined up at a slippery mall and trouble with cash registers, etc.

The importance of patience

Patience means being able to slowly face frustration or trouble, so wherever there is frustration or problem, that is, almost everywhere, we have the opportunity to do it … you just want to do it!

Time - glasshour
Time – glasshour

At home with our children, with our colleagues at work, in its shops and in the population of our community … Religion and philosophers have spoken well of patience , and it is true! Now experts and researchers are doing the same.  Of course, for those who know how to wait, good things come. For this, it is important to learn to wait in life.

It has to do with patience and achieving health goals

The road to long-term fulfillment, and the impatient ones, who want to see immediate results, may not be ready to walk it. For example, people who want everything now, who want the best job, the best salary, the best … With effort and hard work. In the end they were left with nothing because even if they had it, they did not know how to give it the value it deserved.

Patience is a virtue that is appreciated by those who have a measure of self-worth. It is a quality that is valued and appreciated by those who are impatient. Patient people among them can move forward with what they want and be more satisfied when they achieve it.

As if that weren’t enough, patience helps you live in peace, so your health will improve in all areas. Patients often do not have any health problems such as headaches, acne, diarrhea ulcers, diarrhea.

On the other hand, those who are impatient or easily offended will have more health problems and sleep problems . If patience can alleviate our daily anxieties, it is reasonable to say that it will also protect us from the damaging effects of stress.

Ying Yang
Ying Yang

How to be more patient

More patience in life will only bring you benefits, so it makes sense that you want to work within yourself. Patience will help you to live a calm life above all else, so that you can better see the problems you need to face in life. Next we will tell you some keys to increase patience in your life.

Change the situation

Patience is just an automatic emotional response. It involves the thinking and beliefs of wise people. If a colleague does not come to the meeting, you can talk about their disrespect or view the 15 minutes as an opportunity to read. Patience is linked to self-control, Trying to control our emotions effectively will help us develop self-control.

Learn to pay attention

People with an average of at least six months tend to be slower and more willing to expect good in life. For this reason, meditation or meditation is a daily practice. Sometimes you breathe and see anger or fear, it is enough to learn to respond patiently to different situations.

Be grateful

Appreciative people do well to patiently delay in satisfying their hunger. When people are grateful for what they have today, they are not happy to have too much or to improve their situation more quickly, if you patiently accomplish that, over time, your condition will worsen. better than.

Stop doing things that are not important

We all have things in our lives that take time and things that are important. One way to reduce stress and be more patient in our lives is to stop doing those things. Take a few minutes and analyze your week. Check your schedule from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. Choose two or three things you do not need but take time out. It’s time to dump her and move on.

Slow down in life

We worry about arriving, taking things first, doing fast … speed triggers adrenaline and so it seems slower is the worst thing there is. This causes us to forget the most important thing: what it costs is time consuming. Sometimes the difference between a good decision and a bad one is the time it takes to make them.

Sands of time
Sands of time

Build your world on your own and if you want fast, you won’t have a hard time. Slow down and your life will be better than you ever thought possible.